Tore Heide Villund

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VP Data Centers, GlobalConnect​

As the VP for Data Centres at GlobalConnect, Tore is responsible for the data centre business in Denmark and Germany. With more than 10 years of employment in GlobalConnect, Tore has great experience within the industry. Before his time in GlobalConnect, he was employed as the head of department in Falck. Being responsible for the data center business, Tore disposes and manages an amount in the three-digit million range to work with in the development of new datacenters and the construction of a solid state of preparedness, in order to prevent power cuts to occur in the data centers.


Approximately 30% of the total data in Denmark passes through GlobalConnect’s fiber-optic broadband or data centres. This makes demands on the company’s green solutions, which is why Tore has a solid knowhow in regards to sustainable data center operations.  


Tel: +45 20 15 50 21

Office Tel: +45 8725 5151

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