Kemp & Lauritzen

As Denmark’s biggest technical installation company with more than 2.000 employees and core competencies within various technical areas, Kemp&Lauritzen offers all forms of solutions across the field.

Kemp&Lauritzen is a leading company when it comes to energy efficiency, with their customers usually saving 20-50% on their energy bill.

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Tel: +45 20 15 50 21

Office Tel: +45 8725 5151

About Danish Data Center Industry 

The Danish Data Center Industry (DDI) is a national industry body representing the Danish data center ecosystem and was born out of the want to make it easier for operators to do business with Denmark. To date, both the private and the public sector in Denmark have very well received DDI with an evergrowing member community.

DDI creates an environment of open dialogue for all, where members connect, exchange and form partnerships with companies that have a business focus on Denmark.


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